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The services we can offer range from IP development and integration, through Design For Test (DFT) services to methodology consultation and implementation. Our target customers are organizations ranging from small start-up firms to large semiconductor houses seeking cost and time effective design outsourcing partners.

IP Design Services
  IP Specification Development
 Design Architecture and Partitioning
 Front End Design Implementation (RTL)
 Design Verification Environment Development
 IP Core Integration
 DFT Methodology Development
 Design For Power Architecture
 Logic Synthesis
 Formal Verification
 Power Analysis
 Test Pattern Generation
 Fault Simulation
 Back-end Timing Closure and Sign-Off
Design For Test (DFT) Services
 DFT Methodology
 SoC DFT Architecture
 DFT Reuse Expertise
 Legacy IP DFT upgrades
Design Environment Development Services
 Design Directory Structure
 Revision Control Flow
 Development of Custom Design Flows
 Scripting for a variety of CAD tools
Design Reuse Services
 Design Reuse Methodology Development
 Legacy IP Reuse and Technology Migration
 DFT Architecture Development for Design Reuse

Silicomotive Solutions can provide you the additional talent you require; and has the resources and expertise to deliver your designs on time, at competitive rates.

For more details and specific inquires please contact our representatives at 604-662-3350 or at design(at)
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